Please login! error when already logged in

Time to time I receive this please login page in between Learning Units. When I click on login, it says that I’m already logged in but as you may guess it doesn’t help me go back to my next unit.
I’m not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but I thought it’s time to let you know about this bug :sweat_smile: it’s soo annoying that I turn on my computer and go to the website when this happens.

So sorry about this and thanks for reporting @girginsebnem! If you force quit the app and open it again, does that help?

Also, do you recall in what section of the app this happens? Is it when you’re doing a specific type of activity?

Thanks again!

Olá @girginsebnem! Sorry to bother you, just wondering if you’ve had a chance to try the app again. We are trying to get to the bottom of this issue of you getting logged out since we’re not sure if it could be happening to others (and they aren’t reporting it). Any help is much appreciated, as is your time :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

Hello Joel!
I’m so sorry for not replying back fast, it was a busy week for me.
Unfortunately I cannot precisely tell in which units the bug was happening. I was somewhere between adjectives 1 and cooking&eating and it was a bug that i got almost in every unit. Sometimes simply when clicking on the next button, sometimes when trying to to back to the previous lesson, sometimes when trying to reach the downloads area after completing a unit.
(I should probably have reported this wayy before, I’m sorry for that!)
After seeing your message today, I got a cup of sumo de laranja and sat down, opened the app. I completed a unit of 7-8 lessons, changed units, went to downloads to save my pdf and came back to the unit I was at… ZERO BUGS! I honesty looked for an error but I couldn’t find any. It must’ve been solved! If it happens again, I’ll be quicker this time to let you know. Thank you all! :blush::tada::tada:

Feliz Páscoa :hatching_chick:

Awesome thanks for the follow-up! We will keep investigating, let us know if anything else comes up! Feliz Páscoa e obrigado pela ajuda :slight_smile:

Hello @girginsebnem,
We found two possible places where this problem could occur and have fixed them. Sorry for the huge delay on this issue and hope that those fixes will work for you.
Best regards,