Password manager issue

Downloaded today but cannot login

Hello Darren,
This message means that most probably the passwords is incorrect. There is also a known issues with passwords that have " or '’ in them. If that is the case I would suggest to change your password and to exclude these characters. The app developing theme should fix this, but not sure when the fix will be ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Good morning everyone.

I’m having the same issue, but it isn’t password related as I can log in once. However, if I log out or try to log in on a second device I get the reported error. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly. Thanks.


Thanks for reporting @mike.shappell. Are you using a password manager to log in? If you type the username and type or paste the password in manually, does that get you in?



Good afternoon Joel. Thanks for the response.

Yes, I’m using a password manager. I tried to paste the username and password by hand previously, it didn’t work. However, I tried typing the username and pasting the password and that seems to have worked! Thanks.


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