Page Appearance Smart Review

Joel A minor point I feel BUT…
This page lack colour or other impact.
May I suggest at the very least the addition of the PP logo at the head and
GoTo buttons (in the same green as you use in the units for the continue buttons) under the three headings…Flash/Quiz and Manage so that it is clear that there is actually a hyperlink hiding there!! I know it, longer term members probably know it but newer members may not!
Also possibly increase the font on “manage phrases” to equal that of the other two otherwise it looks odd.

Hi @mac.cummings, you mean the main Smart Review page inside the app, right? A redesign is in progress for that page as well as the home page! You can take a peek here, there are 2 main designs (the first version has 3 different minor variations) See if that’s better :slight_smile:

Yes Joel. I failed to attach the screenshot! Doh!