Offline shorties not playing using 'next track'

Hi PP team, I keep a list of the shorties I’ve completed through the lessons offline in the app and as part of my practice play them in a sort of playlist. I get an Alert when clicking the ‘next track’ that says ‘Unable to play file’. However if I close the player and click on that shortie it plays no problem. Also if I click OK on the Alert and click next again the file will play.

Thanks for reporting this! Is it happening in the Android or iOS app?

Just got your email that it’s Android, thanks. We’ll look into this!

Sorry, we’re having trouble recreating this issue. Can you tell me the names of a few of the files that give you this error? Does it happen with every audio? Or just certain ones?

hey molly, i’ve been looking further into this to provide more context. the problem seems to be if you accidentally added a shortie twice and delete one, the one that remains in the playlist won’t play and the error message pops up. also if you have a shortie listed twice when you get to the second/duplicate shortie in the playlist and click next it starts back where the first shortie was in the playlist instead of continuing on. i created a short video of my phone’s screen detailing the behavior however doesn’t appear i can upload here. happy to provide access via file sharing of choice, just let me know.

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Thanks! That’s very helpful, I see what you’re saying now. I’ve updated the team!

Just an update: We’ve reached out to the team who built the platform our app is built on because it seems to be related to something on their end, unfortunately. We weren’t able to find a work-around, so it looks like we’ll need to wait to hear back from them.