Offline Flash Cards

Hi @joelrendall, it would be great to use the app offline. Ie some content is cached locally for example flashcards. Then (of course) we could practice flashcards when offline. Is this on the road map anytime pls?

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Great question, thanks @peterjduffy. This is not going to be very easy to do, although I agree it would be useful. To help us look at it from a different angle, what would be your use case? Or rather, in which cases do you find yourself offline and wanting to practice? Just during an odd flight, or are there more frequent circumstances in which this would be useful?

Another possible feature that could cover similar use cases would be for us to add an audio-only review mode. It would take X number of phrases you have for review and generate an mp3 file that you could save offline to the app to then be able to review phrases offline, without needing to look at a screen (while going for walks, doing house chores etc).

It would prompt you in English (probably speech synthesis so we don’t need to manually record the ever-growing number of phrases on the platform), then give you a few seconds to think before playing the Portuguese audio a couple times.

Since you wouldn’t be able to provide feedback as to whether you correctly recalled a certain phrase, maybe we would have an extra repetition or two than normal to increase the chances that you remember all the phrases. Or maybe there would be a way to later go in and provide feedback as to whether there were phrases that you had trouble with.

Maybe you could have the option to download a version with or without calming background music to make the recording a bit less dry?

Hi @joelrendall, Thanks for your prompt reply. Regarding the use case, I’m based in London and travel mostly on public transport (or at least I will when we return to normality). There is spotty wifi (particularly on the London tube) and it would be handly to have PP cached content for these situations - but it’s not a must-have. If it needs a lot of dev work, then please don’t worry about :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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Thanks for the update. What about the audio flash card mode, would that be useful for that situation?

Hi @joelrendall, many thanks - yes I think the audio flashcard idea would be really great. As you say, generate X number of phrases and generate an audio file.

Audio prompts with a delay would be fine, and I imagine the speech synthesis would also be fine altho it is hard to imagine what it would sound like.

Have you come across Earworms? …your description reminded me of Earworms, which is a great little course. So I’d vote yes please to your idea :smiley: The extra repetition is inconsequential - it’s good to practice and (of course) this is an optional extra,

Just to be clear, for me, this audio offline feature is a ‘nice to have’. Regarding the bigger picture, I’d say ‘flashcards for verbs’ is a bigger priority because (of course) it is critical to fully master the verb conjugations/tenses in order to speak Portuguese properly.

Or maybe would there be some way to merge the two ideas and do ‘audio flashcards for verbs’ - would that be simpler to build? then we could practice verbs in audio-only mode, which would be prefectly fine :).

Bonus feature request - we could filter on tags? IE export audio file of all verb conjugations containing tags ‘common verbs’ and ‘past simple’ .

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