New translator module

Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve made the translation feature more useful. You can keep it in the background by tapping on the hide button, so it is immediately ready and opens instantly the next time you need it.

With this new modular approach, you can also adjust the height of the window so you can peek up the content you were viewing behind the module for reference.

We’ve made lots of improvements to the design of the translator too!

We have also added it to the main menu for desktop users as well.

Ps. Burying the lead a little bit, but we quietly launched our apps in the App Stores! We will continue to keep the beta versions up-to-date for now until we are ready to make a big announcement about the launch.


Desculpe ser um pouco lento, mas onde está o botão de esconder

Ok, deixe-me perguntar-lhe de outra forma. Como mantê-lo em segundo plano para que apareça quando necessário?
(Posso fazer isto no meu computador, mas nao no meu telemovel.)
Encontrei o batao de esconder :slight_smile:

Hmm consegues enviar um screenshot da versão que vês na app? Devia aparecer “hide” no canto superior direito, mas se calhar existe uma falha que ainda não encontramos.