Navigating back to top of Units page

(Passing along from an email message)

Hi Molly/Alex just today I noticed an annoying change in navigation, I’ve recorded a video to illustrate this.

Usually, when I have finished watching or reviewing a shortie at the end of a unit, the back button returns me to the unit I was studying. I have been doing this a lot during the last few days. Today however, I am returned to the top of the units page and have to scroll down to find my place. …

…On further investigation it appears that this happens on units previously completed, on new or incomplete units it returns me to the correct place.

It’s quite annoying if I’m revising older units in the usual order.


Thanks for posting this Molly :+1:t3:

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I’ve been visiting previously completed units, re-reading learning notes and re-doing some lessons. I’ve noticed that whenever I hit the back button to go back to the unit itself (from the learning note for example) it takes me to the very top of the units page.

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