Menu Navigation and Back "Button"

So this is a weird UI thing I’m noticing.

If I choose something from the menu (say Verbs, for example), the content is show as expected but the bottom navigation bar doesn’t show that I’ve changed context, Home or Practice might be highlighted for example. That would be okay except for the next part: the app shows the back arrow at the bottom of the screen, as if you’ve gone into a deeper level of navigation and there’s an activity to go back to. however, pressing Back does nothing. Maybe these things should be modal? Or maybe there’s a fifth menu item for all these extra things that are currently accessed via the hamburger.

I’m on Android 11 on a Pixel 2.

Great bug report, thanks! We took the simple route and as you said, made all of these side menu items modal, so they open in a new window. (Don’t forget to force quite the app and reopen before trying again)

I didn’t quite understand your second point, but maybe because I didn’t test on a Pixel 2 to see what you meant. Is that second part now resolved as well, now that these pages are all modal?

@joelrendall, ignore the second part. Some apps apparently show the device navigation (back button and the lozenge to open the app drawer) at the bottom and some don’t. You could get some screen space back, I guess, but it’s not a bug.

The problem I reported is now confirmed fixed. Thanks!

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