Manage smart review/Add phrases/Phrase Search/403 Error

On the web app, i am trying to add a phrase containing the word Maravilhoso to my smart review so I can practice pronunciation. I used the menus this way:
Manage smart review/Add phrases/Phrase Search
I enter Maravilhoso and click the magnifying glass icon. I get the message
Request failed with status code 403

I don’t know if that is by design because it cannot find the phrase or if it is an error

Sorry this is not about the Android or IOS app, I don’t know which forum topic I should use for the web app when reporting an issue


Thanks for letting us know, Chris! (Feel free to reach out by email or our contact form: for any bugs.)

Is this still happening for maravilhoso (and/or for other words/phrases, as well)? Or was it just once? I haven’t been able to recreate the issue yet, so I’m wondering if maybe it was just a temporary glitch. But if it keeps happening please let me know!

It seems to have fixed itself. I don’t have the issue anymore with maravilhosa or any other word. Thanks!

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