Latest Updates & Fixes

Note: We are making lots of changes / fixes that don’t require updating the app version on your end.

To see the most recent changes you may need to force-quit / crash the app and reopen it

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  • Added Bug Reports page to app menu
  • Fixed "Error Getting Posts"
  • Verb Conjugation Bubbles : Main “Learn” page now refreshes after completing a verb conjugation quiz (to show the bubble filled in)
  • Fixed the “Browse all Shorties/Podcasts/Videos/Learning Noted pages (filters and searching should all now work as expected, aside from minor styling cleanup)
  • Bookmarking works now
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  • Manage Phrases: Selecting phrases then initiating a custom Smart Review session now works as expected
  • Added Blog to side menu
  • added menu open/close toggle for tablet layout
  • modernized styling of bottom tab menu
  • swapped out wide logo variation on Home screen header for our main square logo