Latest Updates & Fixes

Note: We are making lots of changes / fixes that don’t require updating the app version on your end.

To see the most recent changes you may need to force-quit / crash the app and reopen it

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  • Added Bug Reports page to app menu
  • Fixed "Error Getting Posts"
  • Verb Conjugation Bubbles : Main “Learn” page now refreshes after completing a verb conjugation quiz (to show the bubble filled in)
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  • Fixed the “Browse all Shorties/Podcasts/Videos/Learning Noted pages (filters and searching should all now work as expected, aside from minor styling cleanup)
  • Bookmarking works now
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  • Manage Phrases: Selecting phrases then initiating a custom Smart Review session now works as expected
  • Added Blog to side menu
  • added menu open/close toggle for tablet layout
  • modernized styling of bottom tab menu
  • swapped out wide logo variation on Home screen header for our main square logo

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Moved side menu to left since when app initially loaded it would start there before moving the right. It wants to live on the left so we shall let it!

Presentational differences between App Smart Review page on iPhone (14.4.2) and that on iPad mini (12.5.2)
The iPhone version is eye-catching…that on iPad still dull text.
Maybe work is in hand to correct…!

Hi Mac, what you see is the old version. Could be an issue with the update. Can you check in the app called TestFlight if the PracticePortuguese app has an update (since the our app is in beta testing it is not being updated through the AppStore but through this TestFlight app). Hope this will solve the issue.

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Thanks Alex. The update of TestFlight did the trick.

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Great! Happy to help :slight_smile:

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This morning when I opened the flash cards on my iPhone I noticed a (new) blue line at the top of the page :thinking: I then realised it was part of the background picture.
Not sure what you can do but it seems the background pic is pretty redundant on the phone as you can’t really see any of it, or certainly enough to tell what it is…
A couple of screenshots just to show you what I can see/what I mean…

So has anyone had trouble getting FlightTest to open the PP app? I downloaded the TestFlight app, never saw the PP app icon, and am stuck on a page that is asking for a redeem code… My flight is apparently grounded.

Hello @jroberts711 and welcome on board,
For the FlightTest redeem code you can try this on: HJuNuOKu I’m not sure if it would work since I’ve installed mine with this link: so you can try the link if the code doesn’t work.
Let me know if none of this work I will figure it our.

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