Landscape/Portrait Text Size

Whilst completing a lesson I turned my iPad and noticed that the (IMO a bit too small) typed text in landscape gets bigger in portrait - looking better larger and more in keeping with the rest of the text.
See screenshots…

Side note: after completing this lesson I hit the back button to come to the forum to mention this, and the app froze. Hitting Units, the Home button, Flashcards etc did nothing - I had to force quit the app…just an FYI :blush:

Hi Mel,
This should be fixed now. And there is another topic that have mentioned this issue with the back button (I have also got this at some point but seems quite random and hard to reproduce, anyway, it is on my list).
Thank you for reporting this.

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Hi Alex,
The text size looks great now, thanks for sorting it :muscle:t3::+1:t3:

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