Issues Logging In

@joelrendall - should we be able to log in to our accounts? Because if so, the first thing to report is that I can’t log in :sweat_smile:

@Hawa Yep, it should be working. Can you try logging out and back in on the website, just make sure it’s not a typo or wrong email or something? Or let me know if you were seeing some kind of error. Thanks in advance! (UPDATE: Turned out there is an issue caused by having some symbols like “+” in usernames or passwords. I removed the rest of our thread of messages to keep things tidy!)

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I have downloaded the app, but it just hangs after I put my password in. I have restarted the tablet but still can’t get access to my account. I can see the welcome page OK.

Thanks for testing @dianepeake49. Our site actually just got hit with a bunch of automated bots from Australia so our whole site went down. We should be back up soon, waiting for our host to reboot. Must be the kangaroos :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again

@dianepeake49 we are back! All should work for you now… unless you’re in Australia

Estou em Portugal, está a funcionar bem agora, obrigada Joel!

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Hello Joel, I downloaded the app and trying to log on my ipad. I have a generation 8. I logged out from my laptop but still wasn’t able to log on app.

Hi Morgan, thanks for reporting! There shouldn’t be an issue staying logged in with multiple devices since we never enforce any limits like that. However, there is a known issue where special characters in your password (like : or +) can prevent log in from inside the app. Is this the case for you? (Don’t share your password here, of course.) This should be corrected in the next update, but for now, removing these special characters by changing your password on the site should do the trick. Let us know if you’re still having issues in case there are additional bugs for us to murder!