Is it just me? Or

At present the app is so slow and glitchy that today I resorted to using the browser version!! … meanwhile, the conversation here regarding this Beta App has almost dried up suggesting that all is fine for everyone. So is it just me or do you feel that in the last 2-3weeks the app has gone from feeling as if it was almost there to being extremely unstable and erratic ?
I do hope it’s just me.


Sorry for the delayed response! Just wanted to reassure you that we’ve been busy trying to re-create and resolve the remaining bugs, and continuing to try to speed things up and make improvements.

It should be running pretty smoothly overall right now, but keep us posted on any specific issues that pop up for you. Thanks for all your help here – it’s been really valuable for getting the app closer and closer to where we want it to be. :slight_smile:

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Hi James, It wasn’t only you. I have been working on some speed optimization that broke the log in functionality at some point and had to rollback all of these changes which returned the app in the dark ages of its loading. Yesterday I’ve finally finished the fix and put it to live. I guess now the speed should be way better.