iOS/Android App Testing: Start Here!

Olá pessoal!

We have been hard at work getting our mobile app ready for launch, and we’re ready to start letting you testing it!


Search the Google Play Store for “Practice Portuguese”. You should be able to find the “Early Access” version, to install and log in with your existing subscription.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

You can find the beta here:

Still Working On…

There are a lot of (mostly visual) improvements still to be made, for example:

  • The home screen (while logged out), will be tidied up to better show people what they get with Premium
  • We’ll have a proper onboarding screen to feature app functionality
  • “Browse All…” Shorties/Podcast/Videos/Learning Notes buttons lead to broken pages
  • Issues with Verbs section

What to Try Out:

  • Download MP3s/PDFs offline for Shorties and Podcast episodes. You can then find them in the “Downloads” area in the side menu
  • Lessons (Units), Smart Review, Manage Phrases etc… it should all be pretty similar to what you’re used to, but hopefully more convenient now that it’s all just a couple taps away!

Report a Bug / Issue

  • Please view other posts in this category and see if your issue is already listed. If it’s not, add a + New Topic describing the issue.
  • For general feedback not related to any one particular issue, you can respond in this thread. We will break it out into a separate post if we need to.

Thanks in advance for your help and hope you like what we’ve done so far!



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That’s great news! I’m so excited! Can’t wait for the iPhone roll-out. :drum:

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@Maggie Good because iOS is now available! Thanks in advance for your help!


Obrigada Joel, it looks great and works well!

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Mmm cant seem to find in galaxy store fir samsung. Is that where i shd be looking? Sorry not very techy …

Hey, thanks for trying! Not sure about the Galaxy store, perhaps that’s only once our app is out of beta. I believe your device should have access to the Google Play store, where our app is currently found as an Early Release app. Maybe this direct link will work for you:

Thanks again!

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Hi Joel:
Well done. Just put it on my iPhone and it’s excellent. I’ll keep you posted on any hiccups! Muito obrigado e parabéns! É ótimo ver o ‘site’ a progredir.

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Just tried out the Android version. I love it!! Thanks for making it even more convenient, but now I have no excuse for not practicing!! :joy:


Hi Joel, thank you for this. All good - I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone and android tablet- works perfectly on both. Very best, peter

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Thank you very much. Quick access at any time

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Ola, os meus amigos,
Como excelente !
I am looking forward to having an app too. I use PP almost daily and it has been just what I needed.
Bom trabalho!
Ray in Canada

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Working well in Australia too now. The smart review and lessons are great. Working through other sections. It’s very hard to find European Portuguese is Australia so your site has been much needed!

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Exciting! I use my iPad to learn anyhow on browser, but it’ll be fabulous to have access to quick and smooth learning whilst on the go too :grin: I like to bash out some flash cards on mobile whilst on my work break.

Just downloaded the beta and looking forward to trying it out.

Feel like this will be big for you guys, think it’ll open you up to more and more new members, congrats! :monkey_face:

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