Hung page after Smart Review

Hi Alex, I’ve just done a short review and the images appear fine now but as I finished the review I got the hung page again (green flashing dot) but this time it had the image behind (see below)

I also get the green flashing dot at the end of the review session but without the background picture. All I can do then is get out and start again.

Thanks for reporting this.
My guess is that this is a problem related with a specific phrase. I have added some field for error if such is caught from the server so it will display instead of the infinite loading. I will look tomorrow into the Database to see which phrases are due for review for you and if there is anything untypical.
Will update further.

I’ve managed to find few place in the code where the problem may occur and have fix them. Still not 100% that these where actually causing the infinite loading animation loop so keep me updated if this happen again.
Thank you.

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