Here’s a load of new flashcards

If you are looking for additional flashcards, here is a good resource-

I’m doing them to compliment PP. Lots of new vocabulary, and the flashcard audio is by native European Portuguese speakers, It is helping me build my active vocabulary.

Hope this helps, Peter

Hi Peter. It seems a bit odd to post details of a possible competitive “paid for” service on the PP forum.Have Joel and Rui given the OK?


I have been using these flashcards for the past couple of months as a complement to PP and other things.

How are you finding them?

I think even the Beginner set is quite advanced. It takes me a good 20 mins to get through my cards most days. I only have Anki show me 5 new cards a day, this feels about right for me.

Yeah- they are hard and can be a time-suck, but I find them a useful adjunct to pp :slight_smile: