Flashcards now look wrong on Android tablet

Was there an update to the Android tablet version of the app yesterday? The layout of the flashcards now looks wrong- I am seeing the background scene of Portugal that appears on the web version in the app. It looks wrong. Couldn’t figure out how to do a screen grab on Android tablet . I guess something has changed- this was fine yesterday. Thank you!

There is now a background “photo” on iOS which looks good.

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Here is what I see on an android tablet

In my opinion, and others may have a different view, it looked much better last week when the flashcard auto-resized to fill the screen

Concordo com mac.cummings. Gosto muito das novas fotografias.

Yes, the photo background is intentional. Appreciate your feedback on this, though! It does look a bit better on a larger screen, since you can see more of the photo, so I understand. We’ll keep an eye on this and see what other feedback we get. :slight_smile:

Hi Molly.
It is pretty obvious why the background photos don’t show in full on the smaller screens but frankly it isn’t an issue for me. I am very happy with the progress which has been made.
The words of John Lydgate come to mind!!!

Thanks @Molly :slight_smile: not sure why, but I find the background photos quite offputting in the app, but like them on the website. Nothing to do with the photos themselves - they are lovely. It’s just that I personally prefer the clean/minimalist approach within an app.

Again I appreciate this is a personal taste and different people will have different views.

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