Flashcards not loading

Today I reviewed approximately 100 flash cards with no problems, I then tried to load the last few and got this page, I tried shutting the app and reloading but the same thing occurred.

Hello @JamesG,
Can you please double check it now as yesterday there was a server issue and site was unavailable for few minutes. It is quite possible that at this time you where doing the flashcards. Thanks a lot.

Thank you Alex, I will have to wait and see if it happens again, I can’t easily replicate the same situation, hopefully it won’t.
The time it occurred is on the screenshot if you want to check it (13h36)

Thanks for this, James. I’m going to close this because I suspect it was from me upgrading the WooCommerce Membership plugins. I think it was around this time, lasting around 5 minutes. Sorry for the confusion, I wasn’t expecting it to affect anything on the front end of the site. :sweat_smile: