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In the learning studio, I clicked on the ‘featured verbs’ at the bottom of the unit (prepositions 2 & 3) but I get the log in screen (asking me to log in) and can’t access the featured verbs.
I’ve logged out, forced quit the app but still getting the same…
It doesn’t actually log me out, as when I press the home tab it takes me back to where I am. If I then click the units tab that too takes me back into the learning studio and to the unit I’m on.

Hi, Mel,
This has been just fixed. You might need to close and reopen the app to make it working (no need to log out/log in).
Thank you for reporting this issue.

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Hi Alex,
Just tried on both iPad (mini & pro - latest iOS) and iPhone and still getting the ‘For full access, please login…’ I’ve forced quit the app a few times on both, but still the same.

(One small other thing I’ve noticed that maybe you could have a look at is that when I go into the learning studio on the iPhone I land/it takes me to a unit about 15 back from where I am actually at. I land on the unit ‘This and That’ but my current unit is ‘Animals 1’).

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Hm, this is quite untypical (the verbs issue). I’ve tested it on android and iPad and it was ok. I guess this might be some sort of cache (I’ve cleared the site’s cache which is also sometimes used by the app). I hope this is now fixed for you.

For that other thing. I have to see why is that happening since I can see in the database that your current unit is marked as ‘Animals 1’.

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Just tried to open the featured verbs in the prepositions 2 & 3 units, and am still getting the same login page :thinking: (on both iPad and iPhone)
*I have forced quit the app quite a few times too.

The landing page is only wrong when I open it on the iPhone - the iPad is ok.
This is where it opens instead of the animals 1 unit…

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Thanks for your help and patience with this, @Lemonie90 !

@timelinedev, I am also seeing the same. I tested several feature verb bubbles and they are opening in current frame un authenticated instead of pushpage. Strangely, my current unit (Greetings) opens the featured verb in pushpage. That verb tense happens to be “imperativo”, so maybe the pushpage class is lacking only on certain verb bubble tenses?

Thanks Joel,
I think the fix I just pushed to live should fix it. I did test across multiple verbs from different units and different tenses and I didn’t got the wrong unauthenticated page. Please let me know if you (or @Lemonie90) see this problem again, and let me know on which unit->verb it had happened.

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Yup, looks good to me @timelinedev!

Yep, looks good to me too!
Fab work guys :blush:


Just a little reminder (so the issue doesn’t get lost), that on iPhone when I first open the app and tap the leaning studio to go into my units I land approximately 15 units back from where I am.
I’m currently up on the unit ‘Supermarkets’ yet when I open the app this :arrow_down: Is where it drops me…

Thank you for reminding me, I just added it to my list of issue in Github so i wouldn’t miss it : )

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Hi Mel,
I have pushed some code changes that I hope will fix that issue with the wrong position of the units page on iPhone. Could you please confirm if that is so.
Thank you.

Hi Alex,
Just tested it on my iPhone and can confirm…you’ve fixed it :clap:t3::clap:t3:
Thank you so much :blush:

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Uhuu, happy to help : )

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