Faster access to translator

Good morning Joel and team.

I think having a translator that handles European Portuguese in the app is great, and I’m sure it will only improve with time. However, I am finding it a bit slow to access. It would be great if there was a shortcut to get right to the translator, rather than having to start the app, wait for things to load (which can take a while) and then select the translator, wait for it to load and finally translate something.

The advantage of Google Translate is that I can access it quickly and get right to figuring out what I did not know. Being able to do the same in your app would make it much more useful (to me). Love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks.


Hi Mike! Thanks for the feedback! There is a little speech bubble in the upper right of the app that will take you straight to the translator, but it does involve waiting for the app to load first. I don’t think we can make it faster unless we have the app open directly to the translator. Is this what you had in mind?

Unfortunately I think we might be hesitant to make that change, because it could make it seem like it’s just a translation app, or at least that the main focus is translation, especially to new users. We’ll keep this in mind though in case there are other ways we can improve access to the translator.

How long is it taking the app and the translator to load for you? It’s going pretty quickly on my end so I’m curious if it’s related to internet connection or some other technical issue.

I must say that I use the translator feature every day to test out some of my constructions and it is as fast as I need it to be.

Just spoke to Mike via email and he was suggesting a shortcut from the context menu of the app icon. Just posting here for future reference when we start thinking about new features. :slightly_smiling_face:

A quick update on this – we are investigating whether this will be possible with the framework we’re using. I love these shortcuts too, and it looks like there is something similar on Android too. Just wanted to let you know this is on the radar and I agree it’s useful, it will just depend how complicated it is to add.