Experience of using App with Android version 6 Tablet

My experience so far has been a bit problematic, but that may be due to my lack of tech savvy.
On opening the app I am greeted with a coloured welcome page with the Practice Portuguese Logo and a design of the Vasco de Gama bridge?. This fades after a few seconds to a plain white page with Bem- Vindo etc at the top, below that is a lesson page, usually the one I have been working on but sometimes not. Below that is Manage Subscription box and below that again information under 3 headings. Practice, Premium, Learn and Become A Member in Blue letters. A t the bottom of the page there is a home logo which does nothing. An open book logo which takes me to Learning and the Units. A headphone logo takes me to Practice. A lightning logo which takes me to Smart Review.
The last 3 logos all function correctly. The lesson on the opening page works correctly until the end of the lesson but there is no continue button - Just to confound me it is now working correctly!! One problem I have is when typing in the missing word the letters disappear into the page leaving only the last letter showing. The hidden menu pops up when tapped and all menu items available. Apart from the - to me - very strange home page and the problems I have mentioned the App seems to be functioning correctly.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the app!

The first screen you see with the logo and bridge is the loading screen and then it automatically takes you to the Home page (the one that says Bem-vindo). That’s why the logo does nothing – because you are already on the Home page. But, if you go to another page and then click the home icon, it will bring you back to Home page.

Sorry about the missing continue button! This was a bug that just got resolved, so it should work from now on. :slight_smile:

As for the letters disappearing, we’ll look into this. This was an issue previously, but I thought we had resolved it, so there must be something else to fix.