Error: Request Failed with Status Code 403

When in smart cards I am getting an error notice 403 each time I move to the next module. Pressing ok takes me to it but…!
I am running 12.5.1 on an iPad mini.


Thanks Mac! We resolved a bug earlier that may be related to this, can you let us know if it comes back again? Abraço

Still a problem Joel…and additionally on my iPhone instead of the 403 I now get the please login on or become a member message!! (I am running 14.4 on the iphone)
Oh the trials and tribulations of the digital world. Good hunting and thanks for trusting us with the snagging.

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Hi @mac.cummings, thanks for the update! What are some steps we can take to reproduce this on our end? I’m wondering if it could be specific to your account or something since I’m not aware of this popping up the last couple days (for us or other testers). Thanks in advance!

I had the 403 error pop up yesterday. It’s difficult to replicate and only came up after more than one round of Smart Review.

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Is it possible this happens after a few minutes of inactivity or with reduced wifi / cell range? Or that doesn’t seem related? And never saw this while using the site (without the app), right?

It might be activity related. I think my screen might have locked then I unlocked it and continued the review and got the error when moving to the next round.

I had good WiFi signal and I’ve never seen it happen on the site.

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Ok Joel. Let’s deal with this separately
First my iPad mini. The steps are…
I study a flash card section.
On completion I receive the usual Bom Trabalho page
Press on the next review button
The 403 appears.
Press ok on the 403
System moves to next section

I will check using my iPhone shortly and report results positive or negative.

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As promised I checked using my iphone. All previous 403 issues and demands to log-in have now disappeared.
Good news.

Good to hear… or maybe the issues are so intermittent that you haven’t encountered them again yet. You are no longer seeing them on iPad either?

Sorry that my post was capable of misinterpretation relevant to iPad.
The 403 on iPad problem remains extant and consistent. There is no movement between Flash Cards without the 403 appearing!!

Thanks for the clarification, I’m glad you can still replicate it, at least. Is your iPad on the latest version of iPadOS? (Formally also named iOS like on iPhone)

As I said earlier in thread my iPad is running on 12.5.1 and is totally up to date for iPad mini 2’s.

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Oops sorry I missed that earlier in thread.

I will do some testing on my iPad (but running latest version). We don’t have any testing devices running on 12.x, I’m afraid. I guess they stopped updating the iPad Mini 2 a couple years ago since latest iPadOS version is 14.x. Hope that’s not the issue since I don’t like having to tell people their older device can’t be supported.

It could be the issue BUT the same device is perfectly happy with the web version which is delivered via Chrome.
There must be hordes of us who don’t change our perfectly functioning iPads at the whim of Apple or just because it is trendy so I hope not!!

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I have the same issue on Android.

  • first this error.
  • then it says I’m up to date with my Smart Review. (Boy, I wish…)
  • but on reopening, it works fine again.

Thanks for reporting, @natalia.koscielska!

  1. What Android version are you running?
  2. Does this happen every time you start a Smart Review?
  1. Android 10
  2. It doesn’t happen each time, but still quite often.
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Bom dia @natalia.koscielska,
I’ve added some improvements in the code that I hope will solve this problem. Yet, if this happens again can you post here the following details:

  • UTC time when this happened (so I can look in the logs on our server, I uses UTC as time zone)
  • some steps-by-step guide to reproduce the problem (like did this happened immediately after you unlocked your device and went on the flashcards, where there any other specific activity from the app that you were doing )

That info will be quite useful in tracking down this bug (if it appears again… and I hope it wont).

Thank you.

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It has just happened again 4 times in a row. (I didn’t try more times).

At 12.10, 12.12, 12.14 and I think 12.17 PT time.

I opened the app and went straight to review. After going through a review session twice (each time ended with this error message) I closed and reopened the app.

It wasn’t right after unlocking the device.

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