Erratic flash card background display

Hi guys, In just the last 2 days a new glitch has appeared for me when using the flashcards. After completing a few groups of cards (it’s random but more than one or two) the next group loads but the background image doesn’t and it looks like this

It then stays like this for the subsequent groups of cards until I close the app and reopen.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:

Also noticed that the transition page between groups of cards loading is a bit misaligned with your logo half disappearing off the top of the page …ie…

Again, this is a very recent development.

Hi @JamesG
Thanks for reporting those. I have fixed the position of the loader and also I think I have fixed the issues with the background. I didn’t managed to reproduce it on my iPad but I think I know what has caused the issue and added a fix in the code. Yet, I let me know if this is appears again.
Thanks again for the feedback.

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Hi Alex, the issue of the background image not loading has just happened again,

When I chose to review more phrases, a new image loaded as usual. I have noticed that during the transition, when a new set of questions loads, the image always lags behind, as if it’s not going to load but then does, it rarely appears smooth or stable.
I hope this helps.

Hi Alex, I don’t know if you are working on this at present but I just tried some flashcards and the background is now constantly white (no image loading) plus when I had completed them, the app hung on an almost blank screen with the pulsing green dot until I force quit the app.
Is this just a temporary glitch whilst your updating the server?
Also I noted that some android users are experiencing problems in this area.

Sorry I forgot the image of the ‘hung’ page :

Hi James,
This is very strange. I think I have just fixed it but seems that fix is only reflected on desktop site. Will try to see why it is not updating the app.
Thanks for letting me know about this.

Sorry for taking so long it was a nasty to find bug. I think it is fixed now (at least on my iPad it looks ok). Also this bug was showing on landscape view for the lessons, and have to be fixed as well. A side note - the total disappearing of the background wasn’t related with the initial problem you have reported, both should be ok now.

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