Disappearing letters

Android ver 6.
I am still having problems with letters disappearing into the page on fill in the missing word questions.
Thanks in advance.

Hi David,
Could you please confirm that is problem with the “Fill the gaps” questions, or “Listen and type” questions.
Thank you.

The problem is with “Fill in the gaps” questions.

The problem is with fill in the gaps questions.

Thanks David. I will try to see if what is the problem. Most problem it is related something with the version of Android, but I should find a way to make that part of the code compatible with your device.

I have just noticed that the same is happening on the internet site with the same android version 6.

Hi David,
Sorry for the delay. I’ve changed a bit the code so I think this should be now fixed. Let me know if you still have this problem.
Thank you.

Thanks for your efforts. Better but not quite there yet.With words of more than five letters only the last five show i.e abado instead of sabado.

Very strange. Can tell something? When you see these gaps input fields are they with fixed width or they become wider when you type (this is the intended behavior, but I guess that for older Android it is not updating the size when typing).

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Hi, David,
I have added the minimum width to be always as the size of the answer, so I hope now this should be fixed for you. Please let me know if there is still problem.

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Sorry for not replying sooner. Every thing is fine now.
Thank you

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