Disappearing letters still happening

I am still having problems with letters disappearing into the page on ’ Fill in the answer ’ questions. Any more than three letters and they start to disappear from the left.

Hi David,
Is this happening only for “fill the gaps” question types or also for “listen and type”?

Hi Alex.
It only happens on ‘Fill in the gap’ questions. Everything else is OK.

Update 26 Aprii.
Letters still disappearing. Is this just a problem with my version of android. V6? If so I will accept that it is not fixable.

Hi David,
I have been busy fixing some other bugs. But yes, issue seems to be with the older android. Yet, I think I can fix it with using the solution for listen and type questions since you don’t have this problem there. I will deal with this today, and will give you an update later to have a look.
Sorry for the delay on this.

David, I have pushed some changes to gaps questions. The fields now have the same structure as the one from the listen and type question so I hope now it wont cause that issue. Let me know of how it works for you. Thank you.

Hi Alex.
You have fixed it! All working fine now.
Thank you

Hi David,
That is great to hear. Happy that is all working well.