Defective Learning Studio Page *(Linking from Forum)

Android version 6.

1 From the forum page selecting Learn at the top of the page takes me to the Learning Studio. The appearance is normal but pressing either Units or Verbs buttons takes me nowhere. The only means of escape is to press the x at top right. This takes me to home page.
2 From forums page pressing Home takes me to the Home page with next lesson on view. Pressing Continue button does nothing. Pressing x at top right takes me to the Units with next lesson available and fully functioning.
I am still experiencing dis
appearing letters when typing missing word questions.
Edit. The Shorties (mis)behaves in the same manner

Good point, thanks @davidcowling949! This problem might not be possible resolve since the forum is opened in a different external kind of frame than the other pages, and I don’t believe we are able to close it and send a user back to a certain section of the app when clicking these links in the forum header.

@timelinedev Do you agree there isn’t really much we can do here except maybe remove the forum header links completely or leave this issue unresolved? Possible ideas:

  • if there is some kind of css media query we can use to detect if forum is opened in this external window or with the android or iOS in app browser user agent, I think discourse allows us to add custom css in which we could use to display:none the forum header menu for app users
  • if not, we could add a wordpress hook on the site that checks if user is using the app AND if the referrer is our forum, to send them to a page that tells them to close the external window and browse to the section in the app they were looking for

@joelrendall I don’t think we can do anything in this case. The forum is being just opened in new tab of the built-in Android/iOS browser and ti loses any access to the app. In the same time we can’t target it with any css as it just a normal browser (most probably with less functionality then the standard ones).
The hook won’t work too, as it is not hitting WordPress at all, it goes directly to the forum. And we don’t have much control over it.

For the regular site is it possible to make the forum automatically open in a new tab? That way users are less likely to have trouble finding their way back to the site. Then we could remove the header links completely.

Do you mean the “Discuss” link from the main menu? If so this would be pretty easy to be done (I think). Send me a github issue for it.
Thank you.

No need to add to GH, I just adjusted main menu to open forum in new window.

Maybe we will leave this open since I’m curious if we can use some fancy CSS media queries in Discourse to hide the menu links for app users (so they aren’t sent back to our site through the external window)

We can’t do much with CSS. Here is an example of css classes on html tag:

mobile-view mobile-device ios-device text-size-normal touch discourse-touch (Firefox, desktop, using mobile inspector)
mobile-view mobile-device text-size-normal touch discourse-touch (webView opened by the app on Android)
mobile-view mobile-device text-size-normal touch discourse-touch (mobile chrome browser on Android phone)

Basically we have the same class names for standard web browser and web view.

Yeah you’re right, looks like there’s no magical solution to target only in-app browser. I have hidden the header links for all touchscreen device (whether they are in app or in mobile browser)