Background gone awol

I notice that the pleasing background images have now disappeared (2/5) from my iPad in Smart Review leaving only a bland white background.
Is this intentional?
And I cannot find a link back to units in the drop down…or is it just me.?

Hi Mac,
Hmmm….just completed some flashcards and my background was there :thinking:

(On a separate note - took forever to upload these screenshots to show you, about 3 minutes!! :flushed: Normally takes seconds!)

Still not for me Me.! I am iOS 12.5.2…and not even on my iphone with 14.4.2

I just noticed that when opening the flashcards…
If I open my iPad in portrait = no background.
If I open it in landscape = background!
If I open it in landscape then turn to portrait = I keep the background!
If I open it in portrait then turn to landscape = I still don’t get a background.

No background at all on my iPhone - but tbh it’s probably for the best as you don’t see enough of it to warrant having it.

(Latest Updates & Fixes)

Link back to units now restored (3/5).

Same here re backgrounds Mel.

Today at 08.07 the backgrounds have totally gone whether opening in Landscape or Portrait.
Not a big deal…but puzzling!
Using iPad

Hi everyone, sorry for the confusion! We decided to switch to just the white background when using Smart Review on mobile/tablet.

I think feedback was pretty split on this – I know some people liked the images and others liked the cleaner look. Ultimately, we decided to go with the white background because some of the background photos were getting cut in weird places, so it looked a little strange at times and was causing confusion for some people.

You will still get the backgrounds on larger screens, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation Molly :slightly_smiling_face: