Archives Headings Inconsistent

Low priority, but, the items from the hamburger show one title before loading, then another after they load, and they aren’t consistent: Blog turns into Archives: Blog Posts and Verbs turns into Archives (without any identification of it being Verbs).

Just looked at this on a phone and if you can make the commas in the tag list go away it might look cleaner. Your call.

They’re not going to find it or care but deeper in the blog posts there are 2 checkboxes that are tiny and close together. Save it for a slow day, if you have have such a thing.

Yes, definitely removing those commas. (Just didn’t have my php pants on yet :jeans: )

So the commas are removed and title bars are fixed. I only can’t find the checkboxes, so if you can point me there (or send screen shot, whatever is easier for you) I can take a look.

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Scroll to the end of the comments on the blog post. There’s also a red asterisk that doesn’t seem to relate to any footnote on that page.

At some point I suspect you will rethink this feature. Most apps just ask users to accept a privacy policy/TOU implicitly or just have you opt in once (OK/Cancel dialog). Log out options deeply embedded in an app are unusual, but I understand this is a migration so take my comments with the understanding that they’re meant as kind suggestions.