App Icon: Which should we launch with?

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I vote #3. #1 has more contrast, but #3 makes me think of the Portuguese flag more, so I can immediately connect it to European Portuguese


I vote for #3, but with a white outline around the face. Reasons: One of the most difficult things I found when I started learning the language was that it was hard to find good European Portuguese resources. The logo should be easily recognizable as European Portuguese and not Brazilian. The red and green flag colors do that for me.

A quick test is to back away from your device. Squint your eyes. It should be easily readable. The first two, left to right jump out at you because of the white outline around the face. You could certainly try the yellow outline, as I understand the thought behind it, however I’d make it bright yellow all the way around the face, with no part of it a shadowed yellow as that dulls the color of the outline and makes it disappear and subsequently fades that corner of the image.Then squint and see if that feels right to you.

I might also saturate the green and red of the flag ever so slightly for further impact so that the face pops against the flag more. You could also use the white outline around the face and try the full shadow behind the head in a slightly muted yellow shade. That might serve for the yellow in the crest. And blue eyes instead of black? Might work.

Fabulous by the way, you’re on a roll. Keep it going!


Eu também preferirei a versão “3”,
concordo com os argumentos da Molly e Maggie. A característica reconhecível, as cores deviam ser mais fortes :portugal:, EU (!!!) acho-as muito pálidas. Por outro lado, percebo, que neste caso a imagem da cara seja mais difícil integrar numa maneira bem visível…

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I follow the arguments from the others. #3 would be my choice.
Have a great day everyone.

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#3 is also my favourite. It gives clearly the hint regarding European Portuguese.

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Awesome, thanks for your feedback everyone! I think adding the yellow around the monkey in version #3 was original @Joseph 's idea! I’ll make this the icon we use when we push an update to the app’s core. (We continue to make updates that don’t require updating the app version in TestFlight / Google Play store).


Interesting Joel.
The app on my iphone is version 3 but that on my iPad mini is the version with the coat of arms.
For what my opinion is worth…talk of the two colours giving a hint…hmmm ?..isnt the combination of the two coloured background and the Portuguese coat of arms really the most seriously appropriate.

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Olá Joel! I’m not sure where I may make a suggestion. If it’s permissible? Do you have a suggestion box?



Hi Mac! Do you mean making the icon the flag of Portugal?

Regarding the icon? You can make it right in this thread. Would love to hear your ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks Joel,

It’s relative to the icon.

The macaco is a great icon throughout your website. When you asked the question about which app icon your users liked best something else came to mind.

The macaco from Unit “Things 2” would be amazing animated, zipping across your videos, on your website or in the app. Your designer could update the colors of the scooter and/or what the macaco is wearing to represent the colors of the European Portuguese flag and include the flag’s crest. It could add energy and that extra something special (like you and Rui do) to your already wonderful site, and continue to set it apart from the rest. And, it would enforce the recognizable character of your website and the app icon. The macaco could even pull a banner with announcements across the website or videos from time to time, with new information to attract customers. You probably already have some great slogans and tag lines you could use. Lots of fun possibilities there. You’ve so many characters doing things. But this one stood out to me from all the rest.

Respectfully, for you and your team’s consideration (from another graphic designer). ~ Maggie

P.S. If you like the idea, please know I do not expect to receive anything for this. I’d like pay it forward in appreciation for all the resources your team has provided me, in my journey to learn and speak Portuguese. And design is part of my DNA. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


i like the third but I don’t reckon the green hue is quite right. It doesn’t quite balance with the red.

At the moment the version of the App on my iPad is the monkey on a white backround with the coat of arms in the top left corner. That is fine.
But if you need to satisfy any dissenters why not the monkey on the green and the red of the flag in the background plus the coat of arms?
I would be bloody annoyed if you took part of my (UK) union flag away…and imagine the USA furore if their Union flag were messed with!!

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I like # 3.

#3 looks the best to me.
I think that i accidentally clicked the vote button for no1, because i wanted to vote and didn’t see that there was already a number preset.
No.1 would be my second choice. But besides the yellow outline that i like more than the white one, I think it looks more complete with the full colors in the background. If the white part in the background of monkey no1 was more shaped like a flag, it could also be nice, i guess.

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Concordo com os outros - #3 Ă© o meu preferido

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Acabei de ver o novo ícone da aplicação. Óptimo!

I might be late to the party but the app icon looks great to me. It looks like number 1 currently and it is easily identifiable and recognisable. It associates with EU portuguese straight away.

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I vote #2 which makes the whole app look international and simple.