All units page taking a long time to load

I’ve noticed that the all units tab (Learn) is taking a long time to load. I’ve tried this in both the app and the browser (Chrome) on my laptop and it’s just showing a loading screen for ages.

I’m on Android 11, Pixel 4.

Weird, how long is it taking? Takes about 2-3 seconds for me at the moment but maybe there is a bug that doesn’t affect my test account.

I waited a couple of minutes and it didn’t load at all.

Oh weird we will have a look now. Thanks again

You guys have done a fantastic job with the app. I’ve never seen any developers fix bugs and issues so quickly. Thank you for all the hard work that’s gone into it!

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Hello Hawa,
The issue has been fixed now. Can you check if it all works well on your account?

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Hello Alex,

Working perfectly now. Thank you :blush: