A new Shortie idea - Automobile Inspection

I got my car inspected yesterday for the 3rd time and understood most of the requests or orders for what he wanted me to do next. I think this could me a good shortie for automobile vocabulary and getting more familiar with your car (I got flustered when he asked me to turn on my fog lights -which I’ve never done before!). The inspection only took about 10 minutes so a “shortie” popped into my head.

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Thank you for the suggestion, @chod.lang! You can actually send any suggestions or feedback like this directly via our support channel (https://www.practiceportuguese.com/contact/). This not only ensures that they aren’t lost in the forum, but also that we don’t stray away from the forum’s main purpose, which is to promote casual discussions about Portuguese and Portugal in a more general way, not specifically linked to the website content :slight_smile:

Hi @chod.lang! Just wanted to let you know that there’s a new unit on Driving. You’ll see it near the bottom. No Shorty yet, but it’s on the list!

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Thanks for the info on the driving unit. I haven’t progressed far enough to ace the test but did pretty well. I couldn’t actually finish it because the next questions kept repeating themselves or wouldn’t advance. Wonder if this is a problem with the browser I use? Using Chrome browser on a Mac.

Hmm, sorry about that @chod.lang! We’re working on a new feature for the site, so it’s possible that the new code is causing some temporary issues. Are the repeated questions ones that you got wrong earlier? Let us know if you’re still having issues advancing through the lesson so we can make sure we get it all sorted out - send us an email at help@practiceportuguese.com with the details. Thanks! :blush: